Too much use of social media may make you ‘unsocial’

Social media is a great way to build communication and get to know new people.  In addition to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other modern media make it easier for us to communicate with familiar and unfamiliar people.

This social media is a complete virtual world.  Its use however affects our real life.  Not only that, our interpersonal relationships are changing very fast.

Basically the biggest mistake we make when using these media is that we think virtually intimate relationships are real. We are starting to measure our own success based on how successful others are on social media.  We are being heavily influenced by social media.  There is another downside to social media relationships, it can quickly affect your mood.  This means that if someone on your online social network is hostile or angry with you, it can quickly affect your mood.  Even though you have never met or talked to them offline, their negative behavior can affect you.  In this social media, you spend important moments of your life, neglecting your real relationships.  At some point in real life you will start to suffer from depression which will have a very bad effect on your mental health.  If you fall into excessive amounts of social media and it becomes addictive at some point, you will naturally become isolated from society.  Talking to someone face to face and talking through text messages all the time but not one.  It is often seen that we are sitting on the mobile phone without eating and talking to the person in front of us.  Being overly attracted to social media can lead to friendships.

If we don’t have anyone to talk to face to face despite having thousands of friends online, then that friendship is worthless.  So we should limit the use of these social media.  Practical relationships should be valued in building a healthy beautiful life.

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