Too much use of earphone may cause hearing loss

In today’s world people are increasingly dependent on mobile phones.  The name of the little output device with mobile phone is headphones or earphones.  Nowadays, everyone uses it to keep pace with the times and to make life easier.  These headphones are worn on the ears in all cases of listening to music, talking on the phone for a long time. 

Headphones are being used to avoid noise when watching any visual song, program, drama-movie etc on YouTube.  But many of us know much about its disadvantages.  When using headphones 90 decibels or more of the sound directly to the ear can cause hearing problems. Most headphones are air-tight.  This prevents air from entering the ear, which can cause problems for the ear. Electromagnetic waves from headphones can pose a serious risk to the brain. 

Bluetooth headphone users are at greater risk.  Remember, the brain communicates with the ear but directly. Research has shown that if you listen to music at high volume for a long time, even after opening the headphones, the ear does not hear well for a while.  Also, do not listen to loud music on headphones.  You can listen to music at a maximum of 60-70 decibels.  Loud noises hit the eardrums very hard.  If this continues for a long time, hearing loss may occur permanently. Many of us are using headphones for hours on end.  If this is the case then maybe it is time to dump it and move on.

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