Using mobile phone too much harmful for health

The development of science has made our human life easier day by day.  How easily all the information moves from one end of the earth to the other, discovered by this science we used, on the mobile phone.

But just as this electronics thing has made life comfortable and easy, its excessive use is increasing the various harms of the body. 

Did you know that it increases the risk of death?  According to the American Cancer Society’s website, excessive use of the mobile phone you use can cause tumors in your brain, head or throat, which can later lead to cancer-like morbidity. 

In addition, the use of mobile phones for long periods of time causes a kind of genetic problem in people with poor eyesight, which many researchers call ‘epigenetics’. You should never want your child to have this problem.

Many of us also use headphones with mobile phones. Prolonged talking on a mobile phone, listening to loud music and having headphones in our ears can lead to serious hearing problems such as hearing loss.  In addition, a large number of train, bus and other vehicle accidents are being caused by using headphones.

Many experts suggest that typing on mobile phones should be done as little as possible because prolonged screen typing causes pain in the finger joint.It can even cause arthritis problems.  In addition, sitting posture, talking with the phone between the shoulders and ears, and prolonged texting can increase the risk of various physical problems.

Well, have you ever heard of “Nomophobia”?  Yes, it is a mental illness.  Excessive use of mobiles can lead to stress, which can affect other daily activities.  As a result of excessive mobile use, there is always a fear in the mind whether there is a mobile or not.  If the mobile is lost – such a fear is created.  This disease is called Nomophobia or no mobile phone phobia.

Prolonged use of mobile phone often makes the user’s mood irritable.  You will unknowingly behave indecently with someone.

Although it is not possible to give up mobile usage completely, its overuse should be minimized as much as possible.  We all want a healthy beautiful happy life.  Therefore, we know the disadvantages of using extra mobile phones and be aware of it, build a beautiful life..

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