Should parents be friend with their kids?

Nothing can be bigger for a parent than a child. The cooperation of a parent is essential for a child to grow up.  Parents are born with the birth of a child.

Many parents find it important to take care of their children by spending only money.  But no, only under the pressure of money income, the care of parents and children goes down a bit.  As a result, children suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  This disease is caused by anxiety and fatigue.  The child cannot maintain his self-confidence.

Kids need care, they need your loving time. They have to be taught to laugh, run, eat and study according to the rules.

Before befriending a child, you need to know his or her mind.  She or he needs to have the courage to make decisions about her/his future, and one parent knows their child best.

You have to sit close like a friend and highlight the important chapters of life. In fact, what is meant by real education is not limited to school-college education.  Character and spiritual development issues that are involved with this education! Your education!   And that education seems to start right after birth.

All the plans, all the dreams of the parents are around the child. Children are the future of the country, society, nation, the leader of the future.

What your child learns from you, shapes your child’s personality.  To teach a child you need to build a friendship with your child.  Children do not learn by understanding, they learn everything by watching. Making good friends with the child is very beneficial for the future of the child.

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