How to earn very good score in IELTS

IELTS is a rendering of these five words – “International English Language Testing System”.  Basically IELTS is a way to easily judge your English language ability.  This testing system is for those of us who are aspiring to go to the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada for higher education, migration or employment.

In order to judge your English language proficiency, you need to be qualified in four steps of IELTS. Here is how you can get very good score in IELTS.



writing and speaking. 

Here are some simple ways to prove yourself worthy of IELTS test:

1) Practice makes people proficient ,so there is no substitute for it. To make good score in IELTS, you need to follow few rules. It is not possible to think that your IELTS score will be better just by reading some books that are obstructed.  When you learn something, you have to practice it every day by talking to people close to you. 

2) You have to input the vocabulary in your own talent every day for you IELTS preparation.  Learn at least 50 new and different vocabularies every day and try to form sentences with them. 

3) Have fun learning the grammars that are required for sentence formation.  Once you learn the structure, you will understand the practical application of English sentences.  There is no fear in this. 

4) Practice reading the magazines, Newspapers  that are published in English.  Read slowly.  Don’t worry, keep your mind calm and learn fun.  You will find many new words and sentences from there. 

5) Talk in English with a close friend 2/3 hours a day.  Your friend & as well as your English will improve.

6) Wherever you see a new word, immediately make an interest to know its meaning and put it into practice.

7) Tighten the practice. Now let’s examine ourselves.  You can give your English verification tests on various online portals.  Get  into it.

7) If your self-confidence is strong, then prepare mentally for the IELTS test.

Remember there is nothing to fear about.  Your self-confidence and practice will help you win in scoring good in IELTS.

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