Avoid oily food to get a better and longer life

Nowadays we are getting addicted to various types of oily foods.  Fried food seems to create another kind of fascination in us.  But just as there is a risk of health and well-being in such foods, there is also a risk of death.  Various diseases can take up residence in the human body due to this fried and oily food.  You can buy these delicacies at very low prices in the market like: Fuchka, Singara, French Fry, Chaumin, Fried Chicken, Nimki, Roll, Moghlai, Tikka etc.  But later on you may have to pay extreme price for the physical and mental damage caused by it. Let’s know how to live longer.

Disadvantages of oily food:

Let’s find out the disadvantages of the foods that you are eating every day.  If the food is fried at low temperature then more fat is absorbed in the food and the food is not so tasty.  If the food is fried at a high temperature, then the fat lining sticks to the food, but the absorption is less.

 Glycerol and fatty acids are formed by triglyceride hydrolysis if an oil is heated repeatedly and at excessive temperatures.  Trans fat is very harmful to the body.

 Fried or fried foods are not very good for the body, so it is better to eat as little as possible.

Occasionally it can be eaten to change the taste in the mouth, but the amount will be very small.  If you keep this kind of extra fried food in your daily diet for a long time, you will have to spend the rest of your life on fat restricted diet in the future due to blood lipid imbalance, weight gain – obesity, indigestion, cholecystitis, atherosclerosis etc. 

That is why the use of oil, ghee and butter is as miserable as it is not.  White Oil (Refined) – Mustard oil is not called any oil has extra fat so it is better to use less oil.

 Lastly, avoid oily foods as much as possible or eat less.  You will see that you too will get a happy life by being in good health.

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