Hurricane ‘Asani’ unlikely to hit Bangladesh

Hurricane ‘Asani’ is not expected to hit  Bangladesh coast next week. Due to the cyclone Asani, rains are likely to start in the coastal districts of West Bengal and Bangladesh from next Monday. The next cyclone to be formed in the Bay of Bengal Asani is imminent.
The storm is likely to hit the coast of West Bengal and Bangladesh next Thursday. Hurricane Asani is about to form in the sea. It will form on May 6, 2022. And the forecast says that the possibility of the storm hitting the West Bengal coast is increasing. But in the last moment it was likely to take a slight turn and make an entry into Bangladeshi coastal districts. As a result, several districts of South Bengal may face a major disaster next week. Part of Bangladesh may also face heavy rainfall.
According to the forecast, the cyclone is going to form in the South East Bay of Bengal on May 6. The meteorological department of India has already issued a warning of heavy rains in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Over the next few days, the cyclone could turn into a whirlwind, gradually accumulating energy. Asani could hit on May 12.
Due to the cyclone, rains are likely to start in the coastal districts of both countries.  According to meteorologists, the cyclone is unlikely to be as strong as Amphan. The maximum wind speed at the center of the storm may be 100-110 km per hour. However, it is not possible to be absolutely sure about this before the cyclone is created. All in all, the effect of such a clear cyclone ‘Asani’ is going to be felt in India and Bangladesh very soon.
The cyclone name ‘Asani’ was given by Sri Lanka. It means ‘ominous’ or something bad is going to happen.

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