Why you should not give smartphone to your children

Technology similar as smartphones and computers has changed the look and sense of human nature. We infrequently see kiddies playing on the road or in the playground like the children of 20 years ago. Now in their apartments they’re fused playing video games on electronic devices.

There are several reasons why you should not give smartphones to your kids.

Eye problems : because of the increase eye strain that happens when the eye tries to acclimate to the lights coming from the screen. This can affect to diplopia or hypermetropia, an eye complaint that makes distant objects look vague. In addition, children tend to concentrate so much on the screen that they forget to blink their eyes. This can grow blankness to the eye.

Radiation: smartphones and other widgets emit radiations that can affect brain exertion and cells in the body. This can beget excrescence or cancer. However, how much further to children who have a delicate body, If radiation is dangerous enough for grown-ups.

Sleeping Problem : a study reveals that allowing children to use mobile phones, gaming consoles, or computers can negatively affect the quality of their sleep. These electronic devices are important enough to disrupt the kiddies’ regular resting pattern as they’re addicting.

Learning Problem: Smartphones can beget attention deficiency to children which is veritably important in literacy. This is because the this make their brain abstracted and unfit to concentrate in other conditioning. Children can be too attached to smartphones and other widgets that they come apathetic in the outside world.

There are many more bad effects of giving a smartphones to children.

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